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Dear Save Our Schools Supporters and Interested Individuals…

We are pleased to present the first edition of The Save Our Schools News.

Through this “newsletter” we hope to [re] familiarize you with the Save Our Schools mission, vision, and Guiding Principles. Our intent is also to give voice to national and local Actions. The goal of this publication is to bring the subject of education, and education as an entity, to life. The Save Our Schools News is a medium meant to help change the conversation.

Unlike most “bulletins” The Save Our Schools News is a magazine of sorts. Our publication features articles from various authors on a variety of topics. The perspectives are personal and profound. The information shared offers insights into what is too often viewed as a serious problem with simple solutions.

If you choose, print a copy and pass it on, or send the portable document file [pdf] in an email. The SOS News will be published regularly. So please, stay tuned to this your virtual newsstand. Tell your friends and family, if they wish to subscribe now they need only add their name and e-address to our mailing list.

To receive The Save Our Schools News. Please register.

Online copies are available through the DIALOGUES drop-down menu at Look under the DIALOGUES tab that appears on every page of within this website.

We hope you find this periodical informative and interesting. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.


The Editor
The Save Our Schools News.

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