Project Description

Well Come on All of You Girls and Boys

By: anonymous
Medium: song lyrics

Well come on all of you girls and boys
Time to put away all those games and toys
All your electeds want you to show
You’ve got what it takes to prove what you know.
Time to get ready to make us the best
On our next international test!


And it’s 1-2-3 what are we testing for?
Don’t ask me ‘cause they don’t give a damn,
They just say that it’s all about VAM.
And it’s 5-6-7 log onto your tests from Gates,
Ain’t no time to wonder why,
Wait! Did my computer just die?

Well come on Wall Street, don’t be slow,
These schools are sure a go – go
Plenty of big money to be made,
Supplying our students with the tools of the trade
Just hope and pray that when you make your “score”
It aligns with the Common Core.


Now come on governors, better move fast,
Your big chance is here at last,
To prove that your students are the cream of the crop,
From all that cash you got from Race to the Top!
You know your scores can only be good
If you take away their childhood!


Now come on parents throughout the land,
Pack a good lunch so your kids withstand
Hours of testing, close reading, and drills
To prove their 21st century skills.


Artist’s statement: These lyrics could be sung to the tune of The Vietnam Song by Country Joe and the Fish.