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Welcome supporters of public education and schools that offer equal opportunities to one and all. We know that many of you seek to take part in creating the vision of a just and democratic schooling environment. Save Our Schools wishes to work with you in this endeavor. So, please download, print, and share these documents freely.

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The Campaign for Artful resistance

The Campaign For Artful Resistance Booklet

The Campaign For Artful Resistance Color Flyer [Front Page]
Complementary Save Our Schools Overview [Back Page]

The Campaign For Artful Resistance Black and White Flyer [Front Page]
Complementary Save Our Schools Overview [Black and White Back Page]

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Journey for justice 2

The Civil Rights Impact of School Closings, Turnarounds, Phase-outs and Co-locations inquiry will be held on January 29th. Through this Webinar, organizers, individuals who are Leaders in their Communities, Jitu, Zakiyah, and Karran, will discuss the upcoming Department of Education Civil Rights Division Hearing.

Topic: “The ways in which these programs devastate communities of color will be studied at length.”

Statements from parents, community leaders, students and educators will address the adverse and detrimental effects of School Closings, turnarounds, co-locations and phase-outs. Speakers will share their experiences of how the impact of these programs disproportionately affects our black and brown students. Please help us built a coalition of grassroots community, youth and parent driven organizations will travel by bus to testify, as their Journey For Justice predecessors did decades before them.

Journey For Journey 2 Flyer The Boys
Journey For Journey 2 Flyer One Girl [Blue]
Journey For Journey 2 Flyer One Girl [Red]
Journey For Journey 2 Flyer The Children

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To date, we wish to thank Terry Moore for the Teacher Appreciation Week flyers he composed and Betsy L. Angert for the design and production of Save Our Schools flyers, logos, leaflets, banners, and bumper sticker she created, and offers for our use.

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Save Our Schools Teacher Appreciation Week Flyers

Dear Parents…Let us honor Teacher Appreciation Week

Actions. Honor Education and Teacher Appreciation Week

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Save Our Schools Logo Possibilities

Save Our Schools March Logos
Save Our Schools Marches on…

The People are On the Move to Preserve and Transform Our Schools.

People’s Education convention flyers

SOS People’s Education Convention: For Our Children
SOS People’s Education Convention: The Logo Look
SOS People’s Education Convention: Logo Look in Black, White, and Yellow
SOS on Public Education and Issues Faced
SOS Red Ribbon Flyer
SOS: Principles Presented [Earlier Edition]
SOS Stands for Public Education Preserved and Transformed [Black]

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