SOS Printable & Flyers

Here is a collection of printables, flyers, and Save Our Schools brochures.  Please use and distribute these widely.

Save Our Schools Brochure – How Many Days Does Your Child Spend on Testing?

Click image to download.

Save Our Schools Brochure (tri-fold)

What_can_I_do__-_brochure__page_1_of_2_Click image to download.

NYC Metro Rally & March – May 17th, 2014


Color Flyer

Black And White Flyer

GoFundMe Flyer

Small Flyers

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Flyers


Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week Letter
Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week Flyer

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week Letter
Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week Flyer

SOS Position Papers

The People’s Education Convention – 2012

Save Our Schools People’s Education Conference:
Save Our Schools People’s Education Convention: the Logo Look
SOS People’s Education Convention: Black, White, and Yellow

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