We appreciate the continued commitment to Save Our Schools,
the 2016 Coalition for Action,
and public education from the following supporters:


(alphabetized by individual’s last name or organization’s name)

15 Now New Jersey

“15 Now New Jersey stands in solidarity with the principals of Save Our Schools in their struggle to make a quality education a human right for every child. Education and a living wage are linked causes in the struggle against systemic inequality. When we fight, we win!”

Brittany Alexander – Educator – Ohio

Leon Alirangues – Teacher – North Plainfield, NJ

“This is a critical moment in the history of public education. We must take back our schools from corporate interests and the high-stakes testing movement, which benefits no one except testing companies. Schools need to be democratized and decisions need to be put back in the hands of communities and teachers. Teacher professionalism continues to undermined by the standardization movement. Lastly, we must demand that schools be communities of peace and social justice.”

Judy Ancel – Director, University of Missouri-Kansas City, UMKC Worker Education and Labor Studies. Also, Organizer of Cross Border Network (immigrant rights)

Deborah V. Anderson – M.Ed., M.L.I.S., NBCT – Hilo, HI

“Public education is a cornerstone of our democratic peace, and deserves our support.”

Nick Andreacci – Teacher, Freehold, NJ

Badass Teachers Association (BATs)

Dr. Nancy Bailey – Special Education Advocate, blogger and Author of “Misguided Education Reform: Debating the Impact on Students

Jerry Becker – Professor, Educator, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

“I support completely the Save Our Schools actions. I join others in stopping the movement to privatize our public schools.”

Kenny Braun – Teacher, Cambridge, OH

Joan Breit – North Newton, KS

Bronx Educators United for Justice – A group dedicated to connecting educators, students, parents and activists concerned about issues of racial, social, economic, educational, food and environmental justice.

Jamaal A. Bowman – School principal, Bronx, NY

Paige Bradford – Severe Disabilities Teacher, Alexandria, VA

Bruce Broer – Retired school counselor, current school volunteer – Eustis, FL

“It is time to restore public education that actually benefits kids rather than friends of corrupt politicians. Time to do away with high stakes testing and return to educating kids for careers and public service and to think for themselves rather than passively conform to government think.”

Nancy Carlsson-Paige – Professor Emerita, Lesley University

“I enthusiastically support the Save Our Schools Coalition for Action. This summer people will join together to call for equal educational opportunity for all children. It’s through this common action that a more just and fair education system will ultimately emerge.”

Rosanna Cavanaugh – Music Teacher/ Burrillville Teachers Association Treasurer-Elect

“I’m going to do anything I can do to march down there with the BATS and all the other heroes gathering in DC!”

The Center for Expansion of Language and Thinking (CELT)

Change the Stakes – An organization of parents and educators – NY

Children Are More Than Test Scores

“Children Are More Than Test Scores is a group (3,247 members) who believes that No Child Left Behind, Race To The Top, and the Common Core are misguided educational reform policy that relies too heavily on standardized test scores and is too focused on punitive measures against children, teachers, and local schools. We proudly support the 2016 Save Our Schools: March For Public Education and Social Justice. ~ Jesse Turner, Professor of Language Arts at Central Connecticut State University and creator of Children Are More than Test Scores”

Noam Chomsky – Institute Professor & Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus), Department of Linguistics and Philosophy – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“The Save Our Schools actions address a fundamental problem of our society that calls for serious attention and action, for the benefit of today’s children and tomorrow’s world.”

Citizens for Public Schools (CPS) – Our mission is to promote, preserve and protect public schools and public education.

Coalition of Essential Schools – The Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) is at the forefront of creating and sustaining personalized, equitable, and intellectually challenging schools.

Coalition for Public Education – Brooklyn, NY

“Our children are our future, they deserve an education of excellence. Let us save our schools!”

Anthony Cody – Education writer

“2016 is the year for our voices to ring out together, in our nation’s capital. Our students are not cogs in a wheel, and our schools are not moneymaking machines. I will see you in DC!”

Lois Corrin – Educator, Parent, Social Justice Advocate – Piedmont, CA

“High quality, effective public education is a Civil Right and Human Right. Not educating well our Black, Brown, Immigrant, and Poor Children is a Public Health Crisis for the Nation. We must make public education work.”

Howard Dawkins – Retired Educator – Charlotte, NC

“Due to the movement toward devaluing public education, I support the 2016 Save the Schools Coalition. My rationale is because teachers are evaluated mainly on the basis of high stakes test results, education programs at colleges/ universities are being cut, and teacher pay concerns me.”

Defending the Early Years – An organization that seeks to rally educators to take action on policies that affect the education of young children.

ECE PolicyWorks – New York City, NY

“Early childhood education is ground zero for our democracy. In play, inquiry, and hands-on activities, young children learn and thrive. But these opportunities are being stolen, a loss that has tragic consequences. We are proud to march for education and social justice with the coalition to Save Our Schools.”

Emily Dexter, Ed.D – School Committee/Board Member, Cambridge, Mass.

“Public schools are the foundation of a public, civic sphere in the US. If we continue to denigrate and dismantle our public education system, we will end up with a much diminished common language.”

Jennifer Duarte – Parent, New Bedford, MA

Alice Earle – Former Elementary Teacher/Researcher; Doctoral Student, Educational Leadership Specialization – Canton, MA

“As a participant in the 2010 Save Our Schools March and Rally, I proudly endorse and support the Save Our Schools Coalition for Action!”

Sara Eck – Member of Angry Grandparents Against High Stakes Testing

“Nothing that is good for corporations is good for schools.”

Education Town Hall – We Act Radio – Washington D.C.

Educators for Social Justice, St. Louis

Brenda Engle – Retired teacher – Cambridge, MA

“Our public schools need definitive input from those most closely invested in them: parents, teachers, children. There’s been too much control from the top, from politicians and non-educators – high test scores have, mistakenly, become the criteria for good education. Schools should encourage and value imagination, invention, curiosity and provide for direct experiences with the physical and social environment. At the elementary level, reading, writing, arithmetic are best taught through experiences that make them accessible and appealing – story-telling, quality reading material, games, art activities, etc. Scripted lessons for teachers, worksheets, constant testing are counter-productive!”

FairTest – The National Center for Fair and Open Testing

Dr. Michelle Fine – Distinguished Professor of Social Psychology, Women’s Studies and Urban Education at the Graduate Center, The City University of New York [CUNY.]

Jill Ewing Flynn – Parent and professor – Baltimore, MD

“We must stop the negativity around our public schools and help empower teachers to be the professionals they are–they want the best for our students, and too much testing and privatization work against that goal.”

Kelly Flynn – Author of The Teachers’ Lounge (Uncensored): A Funny, Edgy, Poignant Look at Life in the Classroom (with Foreword by Nancy Carlsson-Paige)

“I have been writing about education policy since 2002, and I fully support the efforts of Save Our Schools.”

Vicki Fox – Teacher – Beacon, NY

“We must stop this siphoning away of public resources from public schools to private corporations. The whole public school system is under attack by greedy businessmen with deep pockets.”

Drew Franklin – Candidate, DC Council At-Large

“I believe in the promise of public education and am proud to support the coalitions of parents, teachers, and students who are fighting to save our schools from privatization by the draconian high-stakes testing regime.”

Dennis Gallie – Parent & retired auto worker – Kansas City, MO

“We have to save public education, and nurture the next generations. The schools are underfunded, and we need to improve them, rather than destroy them with charters and vouchers.”

Debra Goodman – Associate Professor, Hofstra University

“Save Our Schools is a critical, democratic organization fighting on behalf of children, teachers and public schools. I support the march and the efforts to promote equity and education for all.”

David Greene – Former Treasurer of SOS, Author of Doing The right Thing: A Teacher Speaks

“We rocked DC in 2011. It is time to do it again.”

J.A. Giuttari – Teacher – Brooklyn, NY

Ming Fang He – Professor of Curriculum Studies; Georgia Southern University

Hofstra University, Faculty of the School of Education – Hempstead, NY

Faculty of the School of Education at Hofstra University voted unanimously to endorse the Save Our Schools Coalition for Action on March 11, 2016. Current corporate reform policies threaten out mission to prepare and support teachers in educating all learners within meaningful experiences and democratic classrooms. Increasingly, our pre-service and inservice teachers are working in classrooms where testing is a major focus and non-testing areas such as Social Studies, physical education and the arts are neglected. Formulaic reading and writing lessons have replaced inquiry, reading for enjoyment and writing for expression; and worksheets are replacing books and first-hand experiences, even with very young learners. Alternative certification programs threaten schools of education and our commitment to developing reflective, professional teachers.

Brian Jones – Parent, educator, researcher and activist – New York, NY

“Unfortunately the privatization of public education continues. We have a growing movement of people fighting back nationwide, and we have to keep pushing if we want to SAVE OUR SCHOOLS!”

Georgiann Jones – Community Advocate, parent, past teacher, trainer of early childhood educators and providers, writer

“Now is the time for change, community efforts and child-centered learning.”

Denisha Jones – Assistant Professor Howard University

Marla Kilfoyle – Executive Director, Badass Teachers Association

“Honored and excited to be a part of this historic event. Hoping BATs from around the country will make the trip to lend their voice to education and social justice! ^0^”

Bill King – Teacher – New York, NY

“I was there in 2011 and I will be there in 2016.”

Cynthia Kline – Teacher – Cape May, NJ

Mike Klonsky – Education writer, blogger, activist

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jonathan Kozol – Author, educator, and activist

“Now more than ever, public education and child-centered learning are under fierce attack from privatizing forces. The S.O.S. march and rally on July 8, 2016 in the nation’s capital has my full support.”

Mary Krueger – Montague, MI

Barry Lane – SOS March Balladeer and friend

“Schools should be Talent Farms not Fact Factories. Children need a safe place to learn grow and develop. Teachers deserve to be trusted and respected.”

Eric Larson – Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies – University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth – Department of Crime and Justice

Larry Lawrence – Retired Teacher/Researcher UCLA Lab School

“We must demonstrate our commitment to public education with a sizable, passionate show of unity.”

Laura Louko – Teacher, MA

Donna Mace – Retired teacher, Green Cove Springs, FL

Mary Mammarella – Assistant Director, Temple University

Greg McClure – Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Appalachian State University

“It is time to take back public education from corporate deformers! In the name of democracy, equity, and justice, we must fight!”

Steven McCormack – Teacher, Miller Place, NY

Gwen McKenna – Citizen, Missoula, MT

“I wholeheartedly endorse civil action to draw attention to the shameful educational inequities in USA.”

Jean McTavish – High School Principal, NY

“Educators must stand up for the education of our nation’s children. It is time to put children before profits. Our democracy depends on it.”

Deborah Meier – Acclaimed educator, MacArthur Fellow, and author of books including The Power of Their Ideas and Playing for Keeps

“I endorse the Save Our Schools Coalition March for Public Education & Social Justice, July 8th-10th, 2016. Democracy thrives when people are engaged. It is time for all of us to stand and proclaim our commitment to public education as the foundation of the ‘common good’, the way to full citizenship. Come join us on July 8th as we affirm, ‘This is What Democracy Looks Like’.”

Melanie Miller – Special Educator, Belfast, NY

Deborah Morbeto – Parent, VA

“Witnessing my bright, happy child drown in high school is breaking my heart. I want to be a part of making change.”

Erin Behan Morillo – Teacher, Goshen, IN

Movement of Rank and File Educators – Social Justice Caucus of the UFT, NY

Mark Naison – Professor of African American Studies and History, Fordham University: Mark became an education activist when the community history projects he was doing in Bronx schools were pushed out when the Bloomberg Administration began giving letter grades to schools and closing schools which had low test scores. He believes that community relevant pedagogy and community history projects, along with sports and the arts, have a much more vital role to play in improving schools in high poverty neighborhoods than testing and test prep

“The most important thing this March can do is attract a large number of people from Washington, Baltimore and Prince George County.”

National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA)

NEA BAT Caucus

Network for Public Education (NPE)

New Bedford Educators Association

New Jersey Communities United

New Jersey Education Association

New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE)

New York State Allies for Public Education (NYSAPE)

Michael Newman – retired public school teacher

“We must resist and end the privatization of the commons, and that includes our most precious and vital public institution, the Public School system. A thriving democracy requires an informed citizenry. THIS, above all else, should be the mandate of the schools — to equip young people with the tools necessary to be critical thinkers and doers. STOP punishing those who affect social change the most, while they seek to encourage the same from their charge! Support all teachers. Give them the funding and financial backing that enables good teaching and learning. The schools shouldn’t be a training pool for prospective start ups, or for the legions who work for them. It should be to enable and safeguard the vibrancy of our citizen democracy. If by doing so, we imbue kids with a sense of purpose and career direction, so much the better. We can only accomplish this by strengthening public schools, and public school teachers. Stop treating and approaching education and the schools as a Bain Capital acquisition. The survival of our republic rests on it!”

NYC Opt Out – A parent organization – NY

Susan Ochshorn – Founder of ECE PolicyWorks

“Early Childhood is the foundation for our democracy, yet it is not seen as a public good. Children learn and develop through play, inquiry, and hands-on activities, all of which are being stolen under current policies. I am proud to march for public education and social justice with the the coalition to Save Our Schools.”

The Opt Out Florida Network

Oregon BATs

“Oregon BATs will be there marching with BATs from across the country to defend public education!”

Oregon Save Our Schools – A group of community members committed to quality and equitable education for ALL Oregon students

“Oregon Save Our Schools is committed to joining with others to form a formidable coalition to demand an excellent, well-rounded, and engaging education for ALL public school students, an end to high-stakes testing, and the end of the corporate education model which threaten a strong, democratic, public education system.”

Our Children/Our Schools

Karen Packard – Retired teacher and teacher educator, Cedar Park, TX

The Paper Clip Revolution – The Paper Clip Revolution is a group of hundreds of teachers working together to build resistance and morale among teachers, students, and parents. The paper clip became a symbol of resistance in Nazi Occupied Norway. Thousands of Norwegian teachers who refused to teach the fascist curriculum were sent to prison camps. The resistance of these teachers, as well as over 200,000 parents caused the government to abandon their plan.

Parents to Improve School Transportation (PIST NYC) – We are an organization that campaigns to achieve school bus routes that are shorter, safer, sensible, and stable. We are against cutbacks in transportation that interfere with equal access to education for students with and without disabilities in all parts of New York City.

“While we in Parents to Improve School Transportation have a particular focus on the fight for fair conditions for New York City school bus riders and workers, we support the general demands of the Save Our Schools coalition for fairly funded, non-racist, unionized public education–including special education–that all children and youth deserve.”

Paterson Education Fund – An organization that activates students, parents, community members, and schools to adopt winning strategies for teaching and learning. PEF’s critical investments expand educators’ and families’ vision of what Paterson children can do.

David Plank – Educator

“It is time to re-think recent attempts to support our public education system.”

PTEC New Mexico – An organization dedicated to educating the Albuquerque community of the issues faced in today’s classrooms. We aim to raise awareness of the problems that standardized tests create.

“Our organization fully supports in action and word the efforts of Save our Schools to ensure our public schools are democratic, rich with community voices, and have well-rounded education that develops every student’s intellectual, creative, and physical potential.”

Rainier Uniserv Council – NEA affiliate in WA state representing 6 local associations in Seattle region

“All in for kids!”

Angelina Ramirez – Principal, CO

“As an administrator it is important to always advocate for what is right and “just” for students. Maximizing time for instruction and teaching the “whole” child is key!”

Mary Reed – 1st Grade Teacher, NEA BAT Caucus, BATs, Ohio BATs, NPE

“I support the Save Our Schools March on Washington as an action and a coalition for more action to promote all students a free and equal access to public education, to support community led schools, to establish teachers as experts in education, to support parents as the decision-makers in their child’s education and for children to be encouraged to be whole and respected in their developmental stages. It is important to stand for public education, which has been under attack from those who would control and profit from taxpayer dollars, and return our schools to the teachers, community and students.”

Refuse of Cuyahoga County – Cleveland, OH

Rethinking Schools – a nonprofit publisher and advocacy organization dedicated to sustaining and strengthening public education through social justice teaching and education activism.

Robert Ridenhour – Associate Faculty College of the Redwoods, CA

Ricardo Rosa – Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies – University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

“Silence will not protect you.” – Audre Lorde

Save Camden Public Schools – Camden, NJ

Save Our Schools NJA grassroots, parent led and powered, pro public education organization

Shakhnoza – Assistant Professor, Massachusetts

Alan Singer – Hofstra University

Yvonne Siu-Runyan – Professor Emerita, University of Northern Colorado; Past President, National Council Teachers of English

STCaucus – Caucus of NYSUT Rank and File Teachers, NY

South Jersey United – Camden, NJ

“As an organization that has united to bring community members in Southern New Jersey together to fight for our public schools we endorse the Save Our Schools Coalition for Action and stand in solidarity with them!”

Danielle Suppa – Teacher, Doc Student, and Union Advocate

“Like this organization, I am committed to policies that safeguard public education and our children.”

Cathy Sutton – School librarian – Noblesville, OH

Duane Swacker – Retired teacher and educational researcher, MO

“Viva la lucha!”

Teachers Are More Than Test Scores – A national community of over 1000 teachers who reject high stakes testing for children, or for evaluating teachers and public schools

Teachers Unite – New York, NY

Chris Thinnes – Parent, Learner, Leader

United for Florida Children

United Opt Out National (UOO)

Abby Vaile – Retired teacher, proud BAT and education activist – Ohio

Angela Valenzuela – Professor, College of Education, The University of Texas at Austin

“I fully support this important initiative as it shines a light on the sustained, neoliberal attack on public education. We must save our schools.”

Russ Walsh – Educator, Author, Blogger – Morrisville, PA

“I support the goals of SOS.”

Washington Teachers’ Union – Washington DC

“The 5,000 members of the Washington Teachers’ Union want to save and transform the public schools of the District of Columbia, not as they are, but as they should be.

In 2007, DCPS Chancellor Michelle Rhee was given unprecedented power to unilaterally decide on educational strategies and policies to turn around our lowest performing school. After almost a decade of top-down decision making, “…the combined poverty gap for the District of Columbia expanded by 44 scale-score points, indicating that its poor students are now much more further behind their more affluent peers.” – Ed Week, 2014

The Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) believes it is time to assess the success of these strategies and policies in regards to the key issue of the growing achievement gaps in the District of Columbia. Washington Teachers’ Union members, parents and allies are excited about the passage of ESSA and its potential for relief from the high stakes test-and-punish policies that have dominated our school system.

The law clearly shows that the voices of educators have been heard. It will now be up to our school district to take advantage of the opportunity ESSA provides to create systems in which teacher voice is considered; teacher evaluation will be used to grow and strengthen the profession, not sort and punish schools and teachers; assessments will be used to help improve schools and inform instruction, not arbitrarily measure them; school accountability can be based on a number of reasonable factors that align with the needs of students and more time will be given to teaching and learning, not testing.”

Lois Weiner – Professor of Elementary and Secondary Education

Yakima Education Association – Yakima, WA

“The Yakima Education Association is in support of the Save Our Schools organization and it’s mission to stand up for public schools. Schools need to be properly funded and the number of tests for students need to be greatly reduced.”

Youth Dreamers – A youth-led community organization

“As a non-profit founded by students in a public middle school at a time when project-based learning was valued, the Youth Dreamers supports decreasing high stakes testing, supporting public schools, and implementing student-centered curriculum that connects to community and includes play, the arts, and more!”

Yong Zhao – Professor – Eugene, OR

I believe children come to school to receive an education, not to boost the profit of testing companies. This is why I support the SOS July March.
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